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I'm a non-diabetic

Hello Mr. George, I went through the entire thread and found your comments very informative. It's really nice of you to throw light to a lot of people seeking help.

Now, my only question is can a non diabetic like myself eat long wheat, (jave godhi) every single day? I'm a 27 yr old girl, very fit and healthy. My father- in-law, who is a diabetic, has been maintaining perfect health because of this long wheat, for many years. Since I don't like rice, he advised me to eat this daily, just like he does. Mine is a heat body, ushna. When I take regular wheat chapatis, it creates a lot of heat, while this does not. Why so? What's the difference between the two? Can I eat long wheat everyday otherwise? Please advise. I'm not finding answers anywhere else. Kindly help. Thank you.

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Pl inform us from whare you are procuring Jave godhi. I need to swich to jave godhi from normal godhi. Thanks


Hello Mr. Phani, you get excellent quality jave godhi from an age old store in Jayanagar 4th block, Sri Kanthayya and sons. The price per kilo is 125Rs. The store is located nearby Ganesha Darshini restaurant.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the information.


The Longwheat is available oppsite to JP Park in Mathikere ( Gokula ) in store for Rs 80 per kg



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