M i doing right?


My husbands fasting bs was 170. It made me go nuts n was totally stressed n scared. Thn i started giving bhendi (ladies finger) water every morning. Started including bitter gourd in lunch and dinner. At night bfore sleeping methi sha jeera n ajwain powder 1 full teaspoon with water. After one week it was 144 fasting. And one more week it was 126. My husband doesn't like chapati.. So i give him rice which i boil removing water and washing it again after cooking. Have started including vegetables in breakfast and meals. He likes vegetables in besen made like veg omelet which tastes like onion bhajii for breakfast and some times give oats. In two or three days i give him egg. N once in a week v have chicken made in very little olive oil. I use olive oil for regular cooking too. V go for a walk every evening for 30 to 45 mins. Eats santra and kiwi every day as snack.

Hope m not overdoing anything and watever m doing is right n wont adversely affect him in long run.

Pls suggest.


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7 Replies

  • Your routine is correct.

    I am also following same.

  • Thnx for replying.... It helps me to b strong for my husband..to take better care of him..

  • Dear i post a pic which is helpful in Diabetes ........

  • Where can i see the pic?

  • Buy a meter.

    Test 1 hr and 2 hr PPBS.

    Numbers won't lie.

    Diabetics should first get the 2 hr PPBS down to 120 consistently. Then start looking at FBS and get it down to ~90.

  • Hi

    I hav one touch select. Today after eating 2 idli and sambar after 1 n half hr it was 98. Afternoon after veg fried rice 2 hrs it was 115. I got these results 2ce nw checking alternate days. Hope alls right whatever m doing.

  • Anjum0123: If you have achieved these scores without medicines, you are a winner! Please stop looking elsewhere. Kerala has some blood glucose reducing benefit but to get the benefit of 850 mg Metformin (Glucophage), he has to take 4-5 lbs of kareala!! In other words someone who needs 1.7gram glucophage daily would have to take between 5-10 pounds of Kerala daily.

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