Back & Leg pains

Sir, My mother is a diabetic patient since 20 years. Daily she is taking 20 to 30 units insulin. Since one week she is having pain in back and it spread out to legs. Now she is unable to walk as the pain is unbearable. We had consulted doctor, and he told muscle pain and given some medication. But the problem still persists. Please help us to normal her. Her age is 68 years. Thank you

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  • The muscle pain could be due to sluggish blood circulation . LET her do some simple exercises or yogic asanas which do not strain her . Let her take 'Gingkobiloba , an ayurvedic herb , which gives much relief , by improving the circulation . She can get that in Ramdev products.

  • Thank you

  • Use alkali powder on the outer surface of the pain area the unbearable pain will disappear with in iust 20 to 30 minutes.The alkali powder will also control the diabetics and help to regrowth the affected bones.

  • Are you by any chance giving her SugarFree (aspartame). If so, stop it immediately. Leg pain is one of the most common adverse effect of aspartame. My mother had the same problem and nothing seemed to help. Then I came across this information and immediately stopped giving her aspartame. The problem resolved a few days after stopping that.

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