‪Smoking is really injurious to health by all mean

‪Smoking is really injurious to health by all mean

Smoking is really injurious to health by all mean, whether it's tabacco one or it's e-cigarettes. E cigarettes may also be harmful as its contain a chemical called diacetyl which is used as a flavoring agent in foods like popcorn, margarine and other food products and to give butterscotch flavor to liquid tobacco. This chemical can cause a very serious lung problem, that will difficult enough to breathe properly. Open this given url and get more information on harmfullness of e-cigarettes going through the link blog.healthgenie.in/why-ele....

I also have been a chain smokers couple of months ago, but now as I am trying to quit this, I have done it at a great extent. While at some point, e-cigarettes, until proven otherwise, are pretty safe compared with tabacco cigarettes. But it is all a matter of how you put it, as more in perspective, excess of anything results bad, It does pay off.

Go through this video URL facebook.com/healthcare.rem... and must watch that shocking experiment with healthy lungs. Smoking‬ is hateful to the ‪nose‬, harmful to the ‪brain‬, and dangerous to the ‪‎lungs‬. So please don't hook to the ‪smoke‬ cigars‬. I hope that this experiment is going to make people think hard about smoking.

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  • I do agree that tobacco smoking is not advisable from the health point of view as well as draining the pocket. Of course it will be better if one can keep away from cigarettes.

    I started smoking cigarettes when I was 18 in the year 1958. I am now 76 and continue to smoke 18 of them a day. I don't justify the habit but so far I have not met any serious health problem. I am being forced to keep away from it when I am on a flight or any non smoking areas. Often I feel as to why I should in my old age forego such small pleasures.

  • Thanks to give your interest. and I am glad to hear that you are being forced to keep away from the lust of smoking. while it's quite late but it's really good.

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