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Worried and Just wondering


I'm new here so hi from me here in London UK .........I have lived with ulcerative-colitis (an autoimmune disease ) for the past 40 years and through diet and meds have managed to keep it mostly pretty much well under control..I'm now nearly 60.

I went to see my consultant at the hospital October 6th (a couple of weeks back) and they did the routine blood checkups etc.

I received a copy of the letter they had written to my G.P.

Going through their results I noted the letter was calling attention to the fact my creatinine was 95 and my GFR was 52.......I also noted it drew attention to the words renal abnormalities.

I have made an appointment to see my G.P. in a weeks time.

I am experiencing headaches (although not really severe), slight pain in my lower back kidney area and fatigue (which is enough to have me resting in bed most days by 4pm) I am also experiencing pain in my left arm which spreads across my neck and shoulders and prevents me from moving my arm properly. Then many nights although I'm tired I cannot get to sleep, I have never had this before.

I have read that some autoimmune diseases can cause CKD as can one of the meds I've been on for many years.

Please can someone help me decipher my results and current symptoms, what do they mean if anything and if I am in stage 3 CKD how long before that escalates to stage 4?

Thank you from someone just a little worried ☺

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Dear sir/madam, you are really in a critical condition. It is better you start some other treatment other than allopathy. I am a homeopathic doctor practising ayurveda & homeopathy with self-made herbal medicines. If you are interested, you could contact me at drkarthikbhms2015@gmail.com


I can suggest you an online website where you get free online medical help. I am taking advice from there. hopefully they may be able to help you.

name of website thelifestylediseases

moreover I think your g.p. will be able to help you


I too agree with Vishwapriya. Ayurveda may provide relief for your aliments, but results will take time, but surely


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