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Continuous Glucose Monitors

Hello I am looking at continuous glucose monitoring and the price associated with it. The prices seem high does any one else have prices or are there any users that would share how much they are paying?I dont want to over pay for one. I feel like insurance wont cover it if I were to buy a continuous glucose monitor. Any help would be much appreciated.

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You can buy through e marketing the gluco meter one touch select simple at a very cheap price of Rs 700 only against market price of Rs. 900 to 1200.


Hi u can buy Dr morepen glucucose meter (Bg03 ).After all discounts offered online it will be around Rs 500 along with 25 free test strips.


I think cnelligan is asking about CGM not about blood glucose meters.CGM may be in lakhs.


yes I am asking about CGMs


My initial research is that is significantly more than any other method


Does anyone know the pricing in India?


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