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is it difficult to follow any diet regimen other than your normal food habits?

yes it is so.....

sometimes you get carried away

sometimes you cheat,although you know it is not good for you.

sometimes your friends and relatives pressurize you to ENJOY!

sometimes you ,yourself feel its too much

when you are travelling with family or work your routine gets disturb and you cheat.


You all are blaming doctors and pharma industries but even doctors dont have any option...

patients ask them to prescribe medicines what ever much he wants the best one but he or she will not change his dietary pattern.

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Of late Doctors have started through out the world changing their treatment method from controlling blood sugar(which was a wrong destination for treatment and also was a failure for the last thirty years ) to concentrating on insulin resistance . Insulin resistance is the inability of glucose molecules in blood to enter the cell due to resistance from our cells and so glucose continue to float in the blood and finally get deposited in Liver and Muscles. The energy from good fat will not give spike compared to the glucose from Carbohydrate consumption variations while on drugs. You can happily continue to enjoy your regular food ,but if you are on drug for diabetes reduce the quantity so as to see that after two and a half an hour you start feeling hungry. If you do not feel hungry after two and a half an hour even you can skip meals till you feel hungry. By this method you can defeat the calorie theory which is useless.

Please understand , a man is healthy or unhealthy is decided by the way he is maintaining his Gut bacterial colony.( So from now on wards please try by search or discussion with doctor how to improve gut bacterial colony) These trillions of bacteria which are almost ten times than the total number of cells in us, is normally deciding our fate.. The gut bacterial colony is normally disturbed by table sugar, Gluten dominated foods, trans fats , chemicals and drugs. So to avoid these number one enemies are the best way of intelligent living. Give priority to green leafy vegetables, green vegetables , colored vegetables , fermented foods and plant based fats which are rich in legumes,broccoli coconuts and virgin coconut oil etc. Since our sleep cycle is always connected with sun rise , a long walk in the morning is a MUST to fix our circadian sleep cycle. This way of life will solve health problems including diabetes. There is not short cut to health problems through drugs, we have to change our way of life to regain what we enjoyed as a child.

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Only if doing what you've always done is more important to you than your health rajivkr02 . Eating less carbohydrate and more natural fat is actually tastier.

Finding it difficult to resist sugary food is a sign that your hormones are out of whack.

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White sugar is like a drug . It activate taste buds and releases chemicals in the brain to make you happy.More you take , you may need more. So bringing down consumption of white sugar replacing it with coconut sugar or jaggary and slowly bring down to NIL.


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