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high bs what to do

I am on Amaryl 1 mg before breakfast and before dinner. Now my glyselated HB is 8.7 and fbs is 139 and pubs is 170. Earlier I had v high SGOT and SGPT because of metformin and hence doc started Amaryl 1 mg. I am also on thyrox 75 mg. I am 54 yrs old and weight is 69 kg approx. For the last few days I am having lot of discomfort in my head and neck but my bp is normal.My cholesterol is 209, triglyceride is 159. Please advise.

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Reduce the amount of grains, cereals, legumes, fruit, tubers and root vegetables. Eat a little more cheese, soft cheese, avocado, olive oil, double cream, nuts, butter, ghee, meat fat, lard, crackling, duck fat or goose fat.

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From my experience I will advise you following

1. Stop using milk and milk products

2. Stop using bakery profucts

3.No grains for breakfast

4. Only one grain at a time

5. Take green Smoothy early in the morning and if possible in the evening before 5 pm

This is guaranted to givr you results.

I am myself following it and

I am off all medicines. So cheers


High fat can cause high chlorosteral.


High-carbohydrate intake increases harmful vldl and triglycerides.

High-protein causes harmful toxins including ammonia and uric acid.

The particle size of lipoproteins (that carry cholesterol) is more important than total cholesterol.


Your bs is high but not so high,so no need to get alarmed. Your head and neck problems may be unrelated to diabetes .

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Sir, Why do you start LCHF diet? It is easy.Follow it you will see the miracle in at least 15 days.Your amyril 1mg will be not required at all.Please do this experiment and realize this. thanks.


Thanks Anup.Karim


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