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To really learn about Diabetes READ!!!!

I ran into Dr. Jason Fung online while going through my education on obesity and diabetes quite by accident. Over 2 years ago I was diagnosed T2D after having a congenital defect of my heart repaired by removing a bicuspid aortic valve. While in hospital over 14 days, I was having blood sticks every hour on the hour followed by regular insulin injections. Post of that I was sent off for hospital education where a 400 lb dietitian counseled me on diabetes and diet (imagine that). Within 6 months they were already suggesting I invest in a CGM & Pump. Meanwhile my reliance on insulins just keep increasing eating their standard ADA diet.

Dr. Jason Fung is a big advocate of Fasting, and intermittent fasting to reverse obesity and diabetes. Fasting includes sugar fasting as it too has it's benefits as do caloric fasts.

His online youtube lectures on the Etiology of obesity is a place you can go to become an expert on what leads to weight gain, diabetes and all diseases associated with blood sugar issues. In a nutshell he will show you, that diabetes is obviously not a disease caused by high blood sugar, rather it's a disease caused by excessive insulin secretions. The high sugars are simply a symptom and it took him 15 years to realize all he was doing was treating symptoms of the disease versus it's cause.

Please see his latest blog--- he is an excellent Dr regarding topics of concern here.


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