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Alternative intake for HUMAN MIXTARD 50


I am now using Human Mixtard 50 40IU Injection which has been freely given by my Bank's Dispensary (monthly they provide us 3 units per month freely as I am a retired Bank Pensioner). They have now given me WOSULIN 50/50 40IU/ml as HUMAN MIXTARD is not available with them. Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, I am unable to consult my Physician. Hence, please advise me whether I can take WOSULIN in lieu of HUMAN MIXTARD or have I to purchase from the market. Awaiting for your response. Thank you,

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Wosilin and Human Mixtard: Both contains 50% neutral soluble insulin 50% isophane soluble insulin. It starts to lower blood sugar about half an hour after you inject, and the effect will last for approximately 24 hours.

Sir, my query is simple, i.e., whether I can take WUSILIN instead of HUMAN MIXTARD.

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Please check on internet the composition of the two insulin. If the composition is same, you can use wusilin

otherwise buy Human Mixtard from the market.

WUSILIN and HUMAN MIXTARD are one and the same. The same generic medicine but different brand names.

Thank you for your update Sir!

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