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Gauzama ulimfolia

I was advised by one of my friend to take dry seed of the above plant known in Tamil as "thenkai" (not coconut) for 48 days on empty stomach and assured of reduction in DM Typer 2 medicines. Internet search showed the Botanical name of the the plant as Gauzama ulmifobia and Rudrakshi to be kannada name and similar in Hindi. Following link will lead to research paper on the plant


The seed iam taking has dry cover and after removing the same to swallow the inside white material which was utter bitter when chewed. The conclusion of the report is

"In summary, our results show that Guazuma ulmifolia exerts its anti-diabetic properties stimulating glucose uptake in adipocytes, both responsive and resistant to insulin effects, without affecting

the development of adipose tissue. The ability of GAE to induce glucose uptake in insulin-resistant adipocytes, in addition to its lack of pro-adipogenic or anti-adipogenic effects, suggests that GAE could

be very useful in the treatment of T2-D."

The paper is too technical and some members may able to throw light on it.

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You have started 2 days ago? Please let us know if your sugars are coming down.


I don't expect such miracle. Ayurvedic medicines takes its time. I will come back to the forum after at least 35 days


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