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ancient indian diets typical;

The philosophers live in a grove in front of the city within a moderate-sized enclosure. Their diet is frugal, and they lie upon straw pallets and on skins. They abstain from eating animal food and from sexual intercourse; their time is occupied in listening to grave discourse

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and in imparting it to those who wish to listen to them; but the hearer is not permitted to speak or cough, or even to spit on the ground; otherwise, he is expelled that very day from their society, because of his lack of self-control. After living thirty-seven years in this manner, each individual retires to his own possessions and lives with less circumspection and restraint, wearing robes of fine linen and rings of gold upon the hands and in the ears, but without profuseness. They eat the flesh of animals that do not assist man in his labour, and they abstain from sharp and seasoned food.


worth noting that after 37 years of age ., ancient indians changed their diets going into non-veg from vegetarianism. (as told by strabo.. the greek writer.) and fat accompanies non-veg.???????

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Recently I had sudden drop in FBS and PPBS,even some times I had hypoglaecema.But now suddenly it has risen agaion and FBS is between 130 140,andPPBS is 242.I was taking insulin(Novomix 30)12 morning and 12 to 16 before dinner.Why this fluctuation.I am 80 years old,weight 60 kgs.aWhat is reason of this flactuation


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