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hi sir ,since i was busy with my daughter's delivery ,i was not able to go through the posts.sir my question is that i had to consult doctor for my inner ear equilibrium problem,was asked to do my sugar level.My fasting was 127 and PBS was 328.I want to bring down my sugar level.Is it advisable to take any herbal medicine along with my usual dosage of melmet.Kindly reply.Thank you .

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What you have is called Gestational Diabetes.It gets cured or stabilize on it's own after delivering baby.Better to be in touch with your doctor and also get a glucometer ,if you don't have one.

Seeking advice on internet forum before exhausting available medical options may not be a wise thing, In my opinion.

You can read about it here webmd.com/baby/gestational-...


Have you ever consulted any diabetes,Endocrinology,doctor yet if not consult them immediately.Do not change your medicine etc.without guidance form Doctors. Follow the advcse of doctors not from any website,which may harm you in the long run


@vanamali --

Since you have delivered a baby ( I am a mom of two -- read my first post here -- healthunlocked.com/diabetes... ), I am presuming that you must have been in constant touch with the best of doctors that you could afford during the last 9+ months for sure.

I don't know if the sugar readings during pregnancy period were also in diabetic range. So, the first question that needs an answer is --

Were your sugar levels in non diabetic range during pregnancy? i don't want to shoot in the dark and declare that it is a case of GD, unless the answer to this question is known. Gestational diabetes is usually dx'd during late pregnancy.

I followed the best doctors and dietitians in my city for two good years after being a diabetic (not GD), before I wet my feet with LCHF diet. Now in third year that I am living by that diet, and everything else after that is history as far as my woes of sugar management etc goes. I do understand that as long as medical reports don't show a blip on the radar there's absolutely nothing wrong with what I am doing or following as part of dietary changes.


Dear forum members kindly report on spammers.There is a dropdown button at the end of every post after reply and recommend buttons.


Every body is mistaken. It is vamali's daughter, who was pregnant and hopefully delivered a healthy child without any complication. It is vanamali who has high blood sugar.

Vanamali, get a complete check up for you high blood sugar. Please do not adopt a line of treatment on mere hearsay. You have to be 100% sure that you suffering from diabetes. Many time severe stress precipitates diabetes which is transient and disappears with diet and life style adjustments.


I am guilty of being wrong.Not about consulting the doctor and being in consultation, though.


Thank you very much sir.I was actually scared seeing my reading.I consulted Dr.He as per his advice I checked my HBA1C.It is 6.40. Then Dr said to continue with the same dose of medicine for one more week and again check the fasting and after food sugar level.Thank you once again to lead me.




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