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Diabetics Natural Cure

Pls try this very basic food habits for diabetics natural cure

1. Eat only when you are Hungry: Feeling hungry is the signal from Body to you that its ready with hydro chloride acid in stomach, you pls start eating now. But we typically eat by timings. For example, if we are working, Okay 1 pm, all friends/colleagues going for lunch, so I will also go like that. Don’t Do That!

2. Don’t Drink Water 1 hr. before & after and during the Eating time: Water dilutes the hydro chloride acid secreted in your stomach. That acid is for digest your food, but drinking water will dilute that.

3. Chew the Food 25 times: Any food you take, chew it for minimum 25 times [if more, that’s good]. The more we chew the less work for the stomach to digest. Many people drink water or soda after food because they feel thirsty. That thirsty comes because we swallow food just after 1 or 2 chew. If you chew 25 times and when it’s liquid inside your mouth itself and swallow, you never feel thirsty after eating food.

4. Finish Last meal of the day on or before 7 pm.

5. WHEN TO STOP: Many of us never knew when to stop the eating food. We always eat 100% full stomach which is very bad habit. One of the world’s oldest people Japanese Jiroemon Kimura said, never eat full stomach, and always eat only 80%. Okay now issue is when to stop. The best technic is BURP. Many of us [incl me] never get Burp when i finish food or during eating. Before I start doing the above steps, I never get any Burp. After i started follow these steps i get Burp every time I eat food. The moment you get Burp it’s a signal that you should stop eating. Like Hungry is a signal for start eating, Burp is a signal for stop eating.

6. And of cuz you need to do any kind of exercise for 30 mins a day, simple walking also enough.

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