natural cure for diabetese

natural cure for diabetese

50gms garlic\lahsun)+50gm anaardhana(Pomegranate seeds)+ 25gm ginger(Adrak)+50gms Foodina(mint leaves) mixed and gounded into a paste .... 1tablespoon taken before meals thrice a day controls and reduces blood sugar levels... tried by me.. no side effects and no harm....

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  • Dear "kamal2505"

    Please mention your BS levels & length of your disease (FBS, PPBS & HbA1c) so that everybody can understand the utility of the product.


  • Are you a doctor. have some questions to ask. Sera

  • Mr Kamal 2505

    Plz provide full details like Sugar level before and after?

    How many days you did this?

  • bsfasting.160...bspp220..came down to bsf100...Knapp..130

    After taking this for 30-35 days...

    You can try...there are no side effects... but continue urging normal diabetes medicines... u can lower there dose slowly and by keeping regular checks on your sugar levels and being satisfied that the medicine is working for you...please

  • Hi Kamalji Is this treatment useful for Type 1?

  • You can try, it has no side effects.

  • 50gm anaardhana(Pomegranate seeds -haccha or paka seeds)

  • Have you tried Insulin plant. It is a herbal plant used by many westerners in US. Pregnant women should not eat the leaves. East Bitter lemon.

  • Search in Google under Insulin Plant. It is grown in Florida Mexico and Southern India.

  • Most type 2s produce more than enough insulin already; the problem is that the body's cells are resistant to insulin. More insulin will make the situation worse; hyperinsulinaemia is a greater risk to health than hyperglycaemia itself.

  • Thank you. would like to try this natural remedy, which has no side effect.

  • I have heard that long time use of insulin plant can cause kidney problem, is it so? Can insulin plant be taken by people who have bp and heart problemalongwith diabetes? Pls. If anybody can suggest this.

  • The aboveanardana, garlic and ginger are to be taken fresh everday or they have to be dried and then use it, pls tell.

  • Sir, can we mix some salt, pepper and take it in the form of CHATNI, or not.

  • I was suggested in the form I had written, I am not sure if mixing anything else will effect its aim of curing diabetes. I will suggest you take in the given form. thanks

  • Are you a doctor? have some questions to ask. Sera

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