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without insulin conrolling sugar levels?

Hi-can any1 suggest me a better idea for diabetic

My relative suffering from diabetic. hes diabetic type1. Intially it was not found it took him to un cautious. and became very weak. Later, doctor advised him to take insulin twice every day without fail. He followed for 3-4 months and hes normal in weight.

Then, he used to say taking insulin is not comfortable him and insists to take it for the past 3 months. now he became very weak. Please suggest how can bring him back to normal without taking to insulin.

your sooner response is appereciated

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Since he is type 1,he has to take insulin.I assume his sugar readings may be fluctuating and hence may be weakness.If he is eating lot of carbohydrates then immediately reduce it.You post his FBS,ppbs,lipid profile so that others will guide.


2 weeks ago he has glucose test and it was 350+ (intially 400, before he went uncatious)...... Hes not taking insulin because he says hes not comfortable. Please suggest alternative.. Also, pls share ur opnion about the post


A woman (65) was diabetic for the last 20+ years

and was taking insulin twice a day.

She used the enclosed homemade medicine for a fortnight and

now she is absolutely free of diabetes and taking all her food as

normal including sweets.

The doctors have advised her to stop insulin and any other

blood sugar controlling drugs.

I request you all please circulate the email below to as many people as you

can and let them take maximum benefit from it.


DR. TONY ALMEIDA ( Bombay Kidney Speciallity expert )

Made the extensive experiments with perseverance and patience

and discovered a successful treatment for diabetes.

Now a days a lot of people, old men & women in particular

suffer a lot due to Diabetes.

Ingredients :

1 - Wheat 100 gm

2 - Gum (of tree) (Gondh) 100 gm

3 - Barley 100 gm

4 - Black Seeds (Kalunji) 100 gm

Method of Preparation :

Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water.

Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire.

Allow it to cool down by itself.

When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and

preserve water in a glass jug or bottle.

How to use it ?

Take one small cup of this water every day early morning when your stomach is empty.

Continue this for 7 days.

Next week repeat the same but on alternate days. With these 2 weeks of

treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal and can eat

normal food without problem.

This content is for informational purpose only, first you must consult your doctor for treatment if you have diabetes.



It is hogwash!Be aware of it!It will never work!

Instead of it,make change in diet,life style and take medicines.


No body can meet personally with that women aged 65 years,diabetic for the last 20+ years and cured her diabetes using this formula and also with the Dr Tony Almeida whose name has appeared in this story as they are just imaginary characters.This story is a kind of internet junk.Otherwise,they would have given noble prize in medicines.


Please sugest. Gum and barely in which form and describe about black seed.....


Doctors usually go with oral medicines to control blood sugar but since he has type 1 diabetes there is no alternative to insulin shots. Please make your relative understand that his body does not produce enough or any insulin and hence he needs to take insulin shots.

I have heard stories about some people using ayurvedic medications for type 1 diabetes and managed the condition without insulin but I don't know any of those people first hand.


Type 1 diabetics have to count carbs or they can't figure out the insulin dose. If your relative refuses to use insulin, you need to talk to his doctor (depending on his age) and explain the issue to the doctor.


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