I am 68 and reside in Delhi.

Apart from diabetes I hv bp problems

And supported with capsules for prostrate.

For more than 3 years I am suffering from right leg pain while walking and not otherwise. Doctors consulted put stents 3 times but without relief. Neuro opined NAD but advised physio for nerve compression. Sustained exercises did not help either.

Any guidance ?


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  • The primary thing to do is lower your carbohydrate intake to bring your blood glucose down. That will also require you to eat more natural-fat, to stop you getting hungry.

    Then, do resistance exercises every 2 to 4 days, to build the muscles to support your joints and vasculature. After warm-up, include leg extensions, and calf raises, with special attention to lowering the weight slowly for 6 to 8 repetitions. Increase the weight slightly at most workouts, as your strength increase allows.

    Also, do some form of aerobic exercise, that raises your heart-rate and increases your breathing, for at least 12 minutes every 2 to 4 days.

  • From whatever you have written it appears that you are suffering from PAd. I am putting forward some suggestions ,you may consider those.

    Stop Smoking ,if you do.

    Excercise regularily ,within your limits.

    Reduce weight. If over weight or obese.

    Eat healthy diet and control blood sugar.

    Keep BP within lower limits of normal.

    Alcohol, stop it or reduce it to bare minimum.

    Check for cholesterol and triglyceride ,if too much out of range,try to bring it within acceptable range .

    Lastly continue taking medication as per your physician advice.

  • Diet change works best. Rest all is just a BAND Aid solution. Switch to LCHF diet if you can.

  • Pl elaborate Lchf diet.

  • Jack of all ,Master of none ?

  • A small correction:

    Jack of All and Master Of LCHF.

    This is FAR better than being just XEROX machines in ADA/WHO/Mayo/AMA/AHA :)

  • Who ?

    You do not seem to be polite.

  • He is considered a very polite, religious and rational person by one expert on diabetes here. :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Pl elaborate LCHF diet.

  • Use Flex seed 30 grams twice a day, start cycling from 2 minutes increase half minute every day till you reach 15 minutes. Start Aswgandha & Silajit cap. twice a day.

  • There are 4 valves: one near Big Thumb, another near ankle, one near knee and one near thigh, which prevent blood from flowing back. Ask your doctor about these and how to energise them. While sleeping, keep your legs on two pillows so that the legs get relaxed.

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