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I am also diabetic for 15 years


to control sugar levels,first consult a gud diabetologist. take medicine as per his advice. then slowly change in food intake. initally I used have rice everyday. Now twice in a week I am having rice. try 2 eat sprouted whole dal. everyday one teaspoon of methi powder to be conusumed in empty stimach in luke warm water, will reduce the sugar level considerably. walk as much as possible.

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What is LCHF diet? explain in detail. I fully agree that diet comes first in controlling sugar and equally all physical exercise.

get amla powder and haldi powder same quantity both. mix them well. and store in a jar. take one spoon of mixed powder after every meal with just the needed quantity of fresh water. It will control sugar.

Start water therapy

I am a type 2 diabetic for the past three decades, am a Male 54 yo.

I have been on Oral medication only, Glimperide, 2.5 tablets / day

For the past few days, I have been trying this LCHF diet. It has produced great results, though I am continuing medication.

Thus it is a good method if you wish to adopt.

Anil K

Manage diabetes with LCHF.I do not know what will happen after three years.But I can say that it worked for me for the last one year.Thanks.

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If you stick to LCHF religiously, nothing much can go wrong.

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haha.You know this how ?. Have you read anything about fatty liver ?.

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Ha ha . Yes I know about Fatty liver and it's not the FAT in diet that causes fatty liver. It's the TG which is involved in fatty liver and CARBS kick TG up, not fat.

Ha ha -- have you heard about Dr Bernstein?

Ha ha -- LCHF diet doesn't cause fatty liver. It's high carbs, fructose and alcohol that causes fatty liver -- ha ha ha ha and then things made worse by PUFA loaded vegetable oils which we diabetics on LCHF always minimize and replace with SFA and MUFA -- ha ha ha ha. We know it because we live that diet :)

In fact you can also reduce fatty liver on LCHF diet.

Thanks meetu.

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