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Combat Diabetes -- Natural Way of changing the lifestyle

Hi All,

Since Diabetes is a lifestyle and an endocrine disorder, we should combat with lifestyle change.

As you all know that we are and have changed the lifestyle. consuming Metformin or any other antiglycemic dugs or inserting artificial Insulin is going to give you a solution for that particular day.

We have now moved to a plan of combating Diabetes on a daily basis and i would say the approach is right, but consuming drugs for years will definitely give residues in your body. This is definitely going to affect you, we started to live with that as these traces will not show any immediate effect (We are in a country where we started adjusting things ex: Driving a vehicle in road and the vehicle in front exhales huge chunk of black smoke, we pass that by inhaling partly and not acting on that in any aspect)

Changing the lifestyle by consuming proper nutrition and making the body enough to burn the calorie and stay active.

Try alternatives for rice - Consume the Diabetic super food - Forbidden Black rice, Red rice, Brown rice (Which gives necessary fiber and nutrition).

We cannot cut the carbohydrates completely, to have necessary energy so have one meal of rice. Try including bamboo rice which gives you ample of energy.

Try alternative meals with millets, which will give you essential proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. Millets are now available in processed ready made cooking formats. Sweets, vermicelli, Noodles (Without Maida), Dosa, Roti are made out of different Millets for easy consumption.

Interesting Fact: India Tops the Millet Production list across the Globe and also Tops the list in Diabetes. If Millets were used from the history, we would not have had this endocrine disorder at all.

Improve your physical activity (walk, jog, run, work out)

Have healthy habits (Say no to Smoking, consuming alcohol in any format)

Try Healthy food habit (Say Yes to Millets and No to Junk foods)

If you start with a Healthy Lifestyle, this will definitely be followed by your generations (There are article that supports the statement Healthy Lifestyle is Hereditary)

Lets start with the change and remove Diabetes from the society

-- Merci Greens

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Thanks for your respnose Meetu77. Will check the forum as you suggested


good and simple suggestions thanks


Thanks for your response. Simpler things are always effective :)


A lovely e book "Become Healthy or Extinct" by Darryl D'souza which explains in detail very scientifically how to overcome not only diatetes but all chronic diseases naturally, without medicines or rigorous exercises, may be downloaded free from the website becomehealthyorextinct.com . I happened to attend a free workshop of his in Goa yesterday and I was very much impressed not only by his presentation but also by his impeccable health that he maintains himself. And there are absolutely no products to be bought. He is Goa Secretary of an organization called TWUDHA ( The World United Doctors' and Healers' Association ) an International Integrative Holistic Health Association.

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Yes Eugine, you are absolutely right.

No products to buy, Nature have all the essentials for human being. Since we started exploiting it now we are finding a better way to reach it.

Thanks for the information. Will definitely search for this download


Thanks a lot Eugine for sharing the link. I am really overwhelmed by reading the book.


I like your suggestions and wish to follow them. Right now I am about to go out for a good long 2-mile walk! Do you have any good solid suggestions on how to speed up my metabolism?


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