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Paneer ka phool for INR 100?


For information of all, I have put link of Paneer ka Phool for as low as Rupees 100 posted on this platform within a year, as response to offer of Prithivi offering it for Rupees 650 per quarter kg.

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Can you send by VPP at JAIPUR (Rajasthan) and method of using it.

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You can purchase it at

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i also used for sometime panner ka phool but i didtnt find any change may be i have not continued for long time .its 80 rs per kg in kolkata bada bazar


In most of the ayurvedic shops it is available for Rs. 150 -200/- kg.

Paneer ka phool (not sorted) costs Rs. 200 per kg. and Rs. 800 per kg. (fully sorted). It is easily available at all leading herbs' stores in City Market, Shivajinagar Old Market and also Malleshwaram, BANGALORE. I am using this herb successfully to keep my BS under control for the past two months.

You can purchase the fully sorted paneer doda frem at much cheaper rates.

Browse:- Amrut Kesari Depot, Mamulpet,Avenue Road, Bangalore and find out the contact details. They may send it by post I guess.

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Aaryambal I think u are also from Bangalore Thanks provides paneer doda at any address in India with free shipping.

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I am in need of one packet of Paneer dodi. How much gram the packet will be? How to use it & the price details to my mail id

My wife and me are cosuming the paneer phool soaked water(overnight) since about 5 years. It is available at Atul ayurvedic and Medical stores , opposite ICICI bank, Parle east, road opp Jain Mandir Signal ( not Nehru road). It costs ₹200 per kg

bhupendra377 in reply to kvb2145

You cab also buy it from

Anyone interested in purchasing paneer doda (fully sorted) can purchase it at

Paneer doda can be purchased at

I need phaneerkaphool in Bangalore at economical price

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