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Glycemic index and glycemic load for 100+ foods

Glycemic index and glycemic load offer information about how foods affect blood sugar and insulin. The lower a food's glycemic index or glycemic load, the less it affects blood sugar and insulin levels. Here you'll find a list of the glycemic index and glycemic load for more than 100 common foods............................open the link


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Is it possible to culture B cells of pancreas and implant it?


Thank you sir I never come across these GI GL GOD BLESS YOU


It is always better to follow foods with least Insulin Index to make good use of Insulin produced by body.

Insulin Index is better control on blood sugar when compared to Glycemic Index


this table of GI and GL is very useful. I wish that there was a table giving the calorific contents along with GI and GL. I have yet to come across this.

Is it possible to get a much bigger list of items than the present 100 items??



calorific contents table would be excellent source of info.

pls genii members, geniuses, knowledgeable fellow living creatures, everyone, pls guide and inform,


it is the most empowering tool for the patients

i have used this now for several years and the patients concordance has greatly improved


for Cornflakes It shows Glycemic index 93. it means cornflakes is not a good breakfast for diebetic people? I was taking it as breakfast, thinking it is good.


Please remember : any food containing carbohydrates is bad for Diabetics. One should under stand that the food made from grains is normally contains carbs. Keep it 20% of your total food, no carbs is best solution. I would say people beyond 50, should slowly reduce carbs in their total food. Reasonable quantity of fat and proteins may be increased. I take salad, curds, vegetables all except potato, peanuts, cheese, Once in a week 2 eggs or little chicken or paneer 100 gms . My observation that you maintain 120 BS both Fasting and PP with this diet. Those who can follow do share their readings on this forum.


That's right. Cornflakes is not at all good for diabetics!!


Is there any packed breakfast item which is ok for diabetics? Most of them seem to have high GI. Also, how come GI is the same for whole wheat and white bread?? People often say whole wheat bread is better than white?


Whole/mixed-grain bread is lower GI, but wholemeal is not. Many starches are high GI despite their healthy image, including Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, potatoes, and rice.


Ty Concerned. So, does that mean roti from atta and maida have the same GI?


Apple and orange, both are fine with a GI of 40. Grapes with 60 is ok I reckon?? anything above 60 becomes bad.


It's probably a matter of individual tolerance. The best way to monitor the effect is to measure your own blood glucose levels. Mixing with low GI, protein and fat tends to lower the GI too.


Ty. mixing always lowers the gi when u eat with protein and fat. Where is the limit for glycemic load for diabetics? for ex...half banana, a piece of mango are fine? as the GI for both are under 60.


Again, tolerance is affected by lean body mass and activity for instance, the advice for an 'average' person to keep between 10 and 14 carb portions per day ( a portion containing 10g of carbohydrate). uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...


are bran flakes good for diabetes


Bran flakes may not be good -------------

Glycemic Index Value: 74

Glycemic Index Range: High


Cereal is always worse because you have milk which has either sugar or fat. Then the cereal is a way higher GI.


Food GI Value

All Bran with Fiber 38

Muesli, toasted 43

Bran Buds 47

FIFTY 50 Hearty Cut Oatmeal 52

Oat Bran 55

Bran Chex 58

Raisin Bran 61

Cream of Wheat 66

Quick (One Minute) Oats 66

Puffed Wheat 67

Special K 69

Grapenuts 71

Bran Flakes 74

Cheerios 74

Cream of Wheat Instant 74

Shredded Wheat 75

Rice Krispies 82

Corn Chex 83

Corn Flakes 92


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