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Flakx seed is good for diabeties and HBP

One of the Ayurvedic M D qualification Doctor guide that Methi and corinder seed and laveder leaves to be mixed and grind till it comes powder. Then everyday early morning one teaspoon of powder mixed with one cup of water if consume it is improve the insulation.

And also inform same powder+ 1 teaspoon ghee + two spooncooked rice mixed and consume also one tspoon Flaks seed powder with ghee and cookedrice to be consume at the time of lunch it also helps to maintaintheBS level.

Cany any comment frommembers please share .further In my opinion it is no sid effect because all the products usedis natural anddail food items Thanks

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Sorry, it is a myth that natural products do not have side effects. Ayurveda may be better than homeopathy because homeopathy outcomes do not beat the 'win' of placebo!

I am a fan of flaxseed. It has immensely benefitted me. But it has a plethora of side effects. Its absorption by humans (including Linseed Oil) varies from 0% - 30%.

You have to measure impact of this concoction yourself. Compare outcome on HbA1C after a month.


Can uplease eplain how it is used I think it is not avilable in Bangalore. i have some othe Paners mist paneer and pALAK PANEER bUT I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT dODA PANEER FLOWER hOW U USED DETAIL Share please Thanks


Flax seed is good because it has omega 3. But it causes bloating in me. You can find research on methi if you google. I do not know about lavender. Is it edible? It is easier to go on Allopathic medicines. At least you know the possible side effects.


No methi ( Funergreak ) coriander seed ( kotthhambari ) lavender leaves is Karbev it may be called black neem the three items shouldbe grind mixy and mixed it and stored in tight box early morning one tea spoonof mixed powder with wareand drink it and followed with 1 or 2 cup warer is best . Thgis powder improved the insuln from the body All three itemsgenerally inalldays used in India all most all vegitarian houses these are daily used spices hence no harm orno side effect.

I do not know much about Flax seed nowas doctor advise I am taken Flaxseed chacolate colour powder with one spoon ghee withtwo spoonof cooked rice it may also one spoon powder may mix with rice floor or wheat floor to prepareroti orchapati Thanks chapati floor


Thank you Natrajji. But since I am already on insulin plus diet and exercise, let me see the results after 3 months.


No Mr It is no side effect 100 % If u interested u may ask and consult Doctors . Which country U are reside I donot know but however I think all placxes in world this three items is avilable and their also usedfor foodto make masala For medicine benefit it is used raw items of course if it is not curable your BS completely but no harm it is only spices used food in all country no harm. Gradualy insulin increases and it helps to digest what u can consume Please take Doctors Advise for ur conveneint Thanks


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