What should HbA1C be once you've had a heart attack?

Has anyone heard anything from their diabetologist regarding the HbA1C levels diabetics should maintain once they've had a heart attack? Apparently, readings in the low 6 are recommended to prevent arrhythmias. Any scientific studies on that? Does anyone have personal knowledge on this? (No, I'm not talking of preventing heart attacks. It's about what levels once you've had an MI.)

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  • At least 5.5. Best if 5.0 or less is achieved which is very difficult. It doesn't guarantee that there won't be any problem for those who already have CHD or not as there are many causes of CHD. But chances of further problems are drastically reduced.

  • Shrisamarath U may hoinf Dlife or not ? Thanks

  • Some details are here phlaunt.com/diabetes/159458...

  • The bottom line is some how or other control D then we can avoid the dangerous of D complications.

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