When you cheat your wife, your BP goes up & up &..... God warns you to stop that action of yours, but you ignore that warning thinking you are smart & can manage that. And Heart Attack comes as punishment to you for ignoring that warning.

Remember, God doesn't allow anyone to punish anyone or cheat anyone under any circumstances. Even your wife is cheating you, you are not allowed to reciprocate..

Swami Arunanand


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5 Replies

  • Damn ...

    how many heart attacks did Tiger Woods have :D

  • Interesting Research on Heart..

  • Wonderful.. It means that those who have suffered heart-attack or awaiting, all are cheaters to their wives. Very good finding. Very sad.

  • Tiger woods should have had 12 or 13 heart attacks by now ... but he is still playing GOLF :D :D

  • Hey how many did you hear off, are you trying to be religious.

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