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Cholesterol Ghost EverywhereBy Dr. B. M. Hegde

This white, powdery, odourless and waxy substance does not even have any taste, but causes so much trouble for almost all those who have the habit of reading today's health magazines. It does not cause so much havoc for human health as it does to human happiness, as no literate man, woman or child escapes its horrors in print and electronic media. The headlines scream: "Cholesterol is one of the three controllable risks for heart attacks"-"You could be the next person to get the heart attack"-"Heart attacks are the biggest widow makers" etc. In addition, the Task Force on cholesterol screening divides human levels as desirable, borderline high and high. Who can escape the mental torture of all this propaganda?

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Nice to see you on our side of the fence for a change cure. Broadly speaking OK, but got it wrong with the saturated fats - still clinging to the old dogma from 1977 which is the reason we are in the mess we are in.

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HAHA and who said I am changing side???? I never said cholesterol is bad....I had strong arguments with best cardiologist and best diabetologist of my city when they suggested me statin......both are UK & USA trained and on many international panels....

I am consuming lots of home made butter/ghee.....and you can see my reports posted on forum(I got enough guts to post my reports here ;) )

And mike....there are two parts about sugar control.....FBS and PPBS.....LCHF /low carb diet is very helpful to control PPBS...

And there are many followers of LCHF....and they are unable to control FBS....And for that you need to take some help from herbs....

Cinnamon ,ashwagandha,fenugreek,kalaunjee,turmeric are very useful for the same....And very safe....cause they are regular part of our daily food.Just we need to increase the dose to therapeutic level .

It is really unfortunate that in your part of world you won't get them easily....Sorry for that....

And I trust my own experiences rather than following some one.....I do my experiments...AND I am getting wonderful results.....I am down to 5.9 HBa1c form 13.1 ..within 6 months.



"And there are many followers of LCHF....and they are unable to control FBS....And for that you need to take some help from herbs....

Cinnamon ,ashwagandha,fenugreek,kalaunjee,turmeric are very useful for the same....And very safe....cause they are regular part of our daily food.Just we need to increase the dose to therapeutic level ."

Very true. But i'm taking everything you mentioned and black cumins too but it's really difficult to control fbs. The only consolation for me is that my fbs remains around 155. Rbs 102-135. gd or bad 😜.?? I don't know if these condiments are helping me or not.



Hmm what time u take dinner?

I suggest some light walk after dinner.

And cinnamon tea at after noon.also add sprouted fenugreek in dinner.

Hope in 15 Days u should get results




I have tried everything. Fasting. Only egg khima. Relatively good dinner. But seems that my fbs is fixed around 150. Yesterday as i had told you guys i took 8 tindiies raw and nuts soaked. Also turmeric milk etc. My fbs today was 154. But i think i need not worry because my predinner was 146 and 105 at 3 pm. I didn't take anything after 3 pm. I think this is neoglucogenesis and at least i'm losing some fat in neo...

A few more suggestions have come up but i shall try berberine first. I can't take dinner earlier than 9. But i will find a way by trial and error method.



If you are bounding yourself to eat at home and proper dinner ....then its not possible ...per say just reverse BF and Dinner....take a very heavy BF and then light dinner sprouted mung not more than a fistfull, some peanuts ...curd and 2 eggs+salad a snack you can eat all in office ...nothing will go spoiled even if it packed from home except egg +salad...postpone only eating egg + salad at home(In short dont eat heavy cooked food in dinner for time being as part of experiment ) at office before 7 ...all heavy cooking type of meal you can save for BF and eat fresh at home ...before leaving for office






dinner @ 9. Walk and exercise bahut kiya. Now not doing but can do if necessary.

Cinnamon tea kaha yar. Chalo thik hai. Thoda cinnamon de denge for afternoon tea.

I take soaked fenugreek before dinner and in the morning. Kya sprout karna jaruri hai.


nope...soaked are enough suramo




Shift the time of dinner ...dont snack till dinner ...dinner till 7 pm and any light protien snacking after that and breakfast after 8 am ....take water + aloe vera + lemon + amla first thing in morning before BF atleast give 2 hours to clean the body by this liquid then take BF. Take BF mostly raw (MUNG sprouts everyday + kheera + Tomato +sprouted moongphali VCO + raw garlic + curd + paneer to postpone feeling hungry

Herbs help your schedule is good and following carbs rule ...see if above changes work ...



thanks. I will do as you suggest.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Well karch. I don't get hunger pangs now a days ever since i'm on grain free diet. Only feeling hungry at dinner time because i didn't take lunch and no bf in the afternoon. Just less than half cup tea at 3pm. Well for last 2 days i have reversed my diet schedule. Let us wait and watch for few days. At least i can achieve rbs 102-125. It's a good sign that despite my poor bcf i can get those numbers.



i was taking met sr 1g at around 8.30 pm and dinner at 9.

But i have tried plain met also.

Now i'm trying with reversed diet scheduled. Nuts and turmeric milk with 15 ml cow ghee and 20 ml coconut oil at night now. Salad also. I think i shall not get hunger pangs.




Still taking but now i take sr 500 at night because i take salad and nuts at night. Of course cow ghee and coconut oil. No food. I don't feel hungry even when i'm typing this at 00 midnight. No hunger. Let's see what is my bs tomorrow morning



a day before since the reversible of my diet schedule pre dinner was 146. I took one paneer chilli pakoda and salad and nuts. Next morning 154. Last night khira and tindi, nuts only. Took met just 500 mg sr. Today morning it was 137. let me try for a few days. Obviously today i didn't have liver dumping nor somogyi effect. After few days i will again check and let you all know.

Whenever i took heavy dinner my fbs next day was high in the range of 170 +


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