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Please advise

I have been diagonised as Type 2 Diabetic since the year 2000 when I turned 46. This was at a time when I was terribly under pressire of work during commissioning of a Gas Plant in AbuDhabi. It was a really challenging job without rest and full of tension. It was termed stress induced diabetese. I was put on Metamorphene for a long time with a drug whose name I have forgotten now. This additional drug started weight gain in me. Later my doctor changed it. Later he put me on Metamorphene with Gmar2. The new drug and increased dosage did not produce any improvement on the sugar readings but the cost of grugs had shown for itself a good sign of upward improvement. There was no let up for me and in the year 2003 , I returned back home calling it a day and started my retirement. I have been having a very contended life with of course some family problems and thoughts of future ability yo cope with age related problems and increased outgo from my savings without in addition in income at all. However most of commitments like children's education and their marriage are all over.

Drs have been changing the dosage levels of the drugs and new new drugs are being introduced to me without any sight of reversing or improvement in Sugar readings. Currentl I am on Galvas 50 and Trivolib 2 twice daily before meals, Metabolis with two BP tablets Tenarmin 25 and Lozar 25 once in the morning.

Yesterday I had a full lipid profile and sugar test done by Thyrocare. Its report just recieved which says that the FBS 210 and PPS 260 and three months average as 9.2 Which are all alarming and my wife is very very worried. However I find myself quite active all these days except for passing stools which had tended to be very hard for the last 6-8 months. I have started taking Trifala capsules which give good motion in the morning itself and I feel ok.

I am fed up of the priscription drugs for diabeteses and wish to totally get rid of that. Please suggest some proven Ayurvedic and natural diet which can reverse my diabetese.

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What is your diet? If these levels are for longer period then there are chances of diabetic complications. Reduction of carbs is the only way out. Many members here have better BS nos. who were diabetic for more than 10 years by switching to low carb high fat diet.

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Starting the day with a glass of warm water followed with a cup of steaming Coffee with 1 spoon of sugar,

my diet is invariably of

1. Breakfast 3 Idlis with sambar or three doshas with exactly similar quantity of batter as for 1 idli. No coffee tea or juices. No aerated drinks at all.

2. Lunch a. 1/2 or slightly less cup of white rice with a cup of Dhal/ Sambar/rasam/morkozambu or some similar liquid. All have lots of vegetables in that.

b. 2 cups of vegetables of different types.

c. 1/2 cup od Curd rice accompanied with little pickle.

3. In the evening around 4pm have some fruit or some snacks and sometime tea with milk and 1/2 spoon sugar. Sometime have chips like banana, jackfruit or sometime potato chips. Little not much.

3. Dinner usually 3 Dry Chappatis with avegetable which is made in Gravy or dry vegetable with Sambar or any other gravy. Somedays have Dalia upuma or Doshas 3numbers.

Sometime have fresh coconut water / sugarcane juice in the afternoons before lunch when we go for some shopping outside in the town.


Idlies, dosas and chapatis are going to spike your BS levels. Avoid idlies, dosa, bakery products. Reduce intake of chapatis. Drink coffee without sugar. Replace high carb items with high quality protein and fat. (full fat milk, paneer, cheese, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, desi ghee etc.)

For in between snacks you can have peanuts, almonds and walnuts.

Change over of diet will definitely decrease your all problems and will reduce your medicines.


First of all I will like you to cool down and relax.Now it is time to take stock of your over all situation.(1)Despite all medication no relief in your blood sugar level. (2) medication is getting costlier.(3)you also suffer from high blood pressure. (4) you are leading a very stressful life,along with worries of old age and future life.

Now let us look at positive side (1) you have got no liability (2) your wife is with you and she appears to be very supportive. (3) you have no diabetic complications apart of high BP.

Now let us workout a plan to control your diabetes and bring back blood sugar to within normal/manageable limits.

You must understand and believe that diabetes is a fully manageable disease and one can lead a completely normal life.Stress and strain raises both blood sugar as well as blood pressure.So please avoid tension as a first step.

Management of diabetes has three pillars, Diet, Exercise and life style , Drugs, in that order.

If you are mentally prepared then we can proceed further.

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yes i am prepared mentally and look for a kind guide like you.


Thank you.By taking this one positive decision you have won half the battle against diabetes.

As I have written earlier the three components of diabetic management,let us start with diet.Dietary management is vital for blood sugar control.Till now nothing is known about your dietary habits,veg or non veg etc,so that some adjustment in your diet is suggested to suit your habits.So a broader aspect is discussed.By the way do you have a glucometer to test bs at home?It is preferable to have one,but forget it for the time being.

Sugar comes mainly from carbohydrate that we eat.So first of all an attempt should be made to reduce this intake of carb.Details could be very exhaustive so please to to web site dietdoctor.com.study it,then will talk about other things,and any clarification needed.




In addition to what Patliptra ji has suggested, reduce your carbohydrate ,Exercise,with brisk walking is mandatory for diabetic person. Start with 10-15 minuets per day,then increase it . This has three parts 5-10 minutes warm up,then walk about 6-6.50 kms.per hour for next one hour,then slowly reduce walking up to 20-25 minutes,you will get better results.If possible keep one bottle of water with you as you do not feel dehydrated. Reduction is weight is another gain in reducing your glucose level.Thank you

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Are you effected with CVD/ CHD,Please do not try to intermingle the things.Walking &exercise keeps keep CVD/CHD away from the individual,if he or she is not affected already. AS the person has not mentioned CVD/CHD in his question. Will he or she will be effected later it does not mean one should not Exorcise/brisk walking. This is preventive steps to prevent CVD/CHD away in addition to others numerous benefits. No body gives up taking meal thinking I have to die some day,then what is the idea of taking again and again.

Long brisk walking is more beneficial as regards to interval walking,as brisk walking involves more nutrients to body,as your heart rate beats 50-85% more ( 216--93% of age for men) and (210-67% of age for women) for the extended time. In interval walking it cannot be achieved.


It is my personal experience that brisk walking benefits to avoid cardiovascular disease.in our residing place many gentlemen $women do brisk walks,may be Doctor,Businessmen,Engineer,Professors,and so on.The failed study which you have mentioned maybe due to some vested inter esters.So many studies are being carried out in the labor tries, there success is approximately 10%only practically.one of the study is being carried out these days are of very low carbohydrates to Diabetics,which is 50 gms/per day. Do you thing this can be possible?,so do not indulge in unfruitful talks.


you and your friend require psychiatrist as he got irritated whenever we posted some blog ,clashing his own opinion,therefore he left the site. you can fool anybody once cannot fool always.Now you mentioning the particular site why,we do not require it .we have number of other site.Why you are superimposing to we peoples.


Gentlemen ,reading your hot debate on walking style Venuji would have got tired and gone for his glass of sugarcane juice !!!


A patient having D having sugarcane juice. The person is trying to reduce his BS not trying to increase them.


Reduce the amount of Carbs in your diet.


Get your creatinine checked immediately. It it is more than 5, go for GFR to know the level of function of your kidneys. Rajesh


Check below :




I think confusion is also bad for controlling diabetes. While giving advise I think one should refrain from criticising others unless the same has been tried out unsuccessfully. Taking advise from Professional is a must for any disease. Help from peers also is good, but if you are diagnosed with high BS, do everything under medical advise.

Hope you can manage your Diabetes and live quality life longer!



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