Sir my daughter was taking insulin since last 12 years and now she was 20 years old. she was type I diabetic. now since last 3 months she was getting stomach pain while eating food and also getting weight loss. Let me know what are the reasons for this.


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  • Urine and blood analysis will help in diagnosing the real cause of weight loss.Consult a good physician who can prescribe you the right kind of tests.

  • You can help your physical body to reduce sugar level by Pranic healing. Have planned day - stick to the medication given by doctor. Have faith in yourself / whatever you do, avoid stress. Have schedule day, change in lifestyle require, Vegetarian diet, meditation is a good.

    Pranic Healing is a non touch technique, by which we can regenerate the organs. Pranic Crystal Healing is also a faster option.

  • Has she ever been put of corticosteroids?

    Get her scanned for

    thyroid disorders

    celiac disease

    addison's disease.

    stomach cancer.

    Type 1 being Auto Immune disorder can impact other organs also in many cases. A thorough scan of entire endocrine system may give some clue. See if getting off wheat helps with stomach pain.

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