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This afternoon, I had my Endocrine appointment. Everything went well and my doctor said I should be coming back for a 4 month appointment in May. This is going to be a week after my birthday since I don't want to do any doctor visits on my birthday.

At today's appointment, my doctor said that the A1c stayed the same as 4 months ago (9.5). The odd thing is, I have lost weight (3 pounds) and been walking around all the time at my Senior Center. So, how can the A1c stay the same? Any ideas?

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  • Too much protein is easily turned to glucose with harmful side products, and hastens ageing. More natural fat is the key

  • Did your doctor comment anything about your result 9.5%? (Same level as past 4 months)

  • He was okay with it because he knows that my situation is not of a "normal " diabetic.

  • Thanks for your reply. As long as your doctor is satisfied with this number then you shouldn't be worried. To bring down this level, modifying your daily diets would help. There are so many dietary advices on this forum in which we can try and perhaps see some positive changes. Keep it up with your active lifestyle & good luck :)

  • Thank you!😀

  • Too many carbs!

  • I did not understand , why doctor has told HBA1C 9.5 is alright........rather then 6.5.....why he is happy?

  • It stayed the same for 4 months.

  • It should not be same. IT SHOULD BE DECREASED PLEASE.....why it is same from 4 month. HBA1C Should be 6.5 or less.with medicine apply LCHF diet as well.

  • Have been taking medication for 30+ years. LCHF diet needs to be worked on....

  • Activity2004

    Lchf. Yes. Very much indicated for you. I could recommend as low as 50 - a keto but since you have erratic behavior of pancreas i wouldn't do that for you. Well you have dexcom all the time to guide you.

    Can you tell us all about your diet ? Are you taking good fats liberally ? Do you make Indian style ghee at home ?

    Why are not your doctors considering some kind of transplant procedure ? Need not be pancreatic transplant but lab grown compatible beta cell implants etc. You should have hematologist and endo and perhaps cardio working together.

  • I will explain later. Don't worry!😀

  • No ghee.

  • Activity2004

    Why no ghee ? Digestion problem ?

  • We don't have it here in the house. Not sure where to get it. Does it cause problems when using anticonvulsants?

  • Yes ...why not. I am taking medicine since from 1995. Nearly 22 years has been gone and my HBA1C is 6 .9 and thanx GOD it remains in between 6.5 and 7 since from 22 years.so apply LCHF diet with medicine as well.

  • Hiya,

    Have you been unwell? When I feel ill my blood sugar goes up quite alot.

    Also, your liver might be doing a sugar dump in the early hours. I suffer from the Dawn Phenonomen, whereby your liver releases its stored sugar when your blood sugars are very low to prevent an hypo.

    Try not to worry as some drs and patients prefer to run blood sugars a little high to prevent hypos. The HbA1c is an average blood sugar count over an 8 to 12 weeks period (this is the life span of blood cells) and so it doesn't really account for highs and lows on a daily basis.

    Take care and keep your chin up!

    TT x

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