A weird experience

Last evening I had two pieces of sweet mango and a piece of dark chocolate in addition to my normal dinner (LCHF). I also took 10 units of Mixtard insulin. At around 2 a.m. I had an attack of Hypo. Did not take BS reading but ate a few sweet biscuits and slept again.Took BS reading in the morning (6.30) and it was 68 on the meter. Members comments would be appreciated.


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  • Eating sweet mangoes + dark chocolate is suicidal for diabetic patients. Please avoid...

  • Mr. georgekuttickal are you type-2 or 1as taking insulin please follow LCHF correctly with active life mean dont try to take rest at all except sleep if you follow the above diet again please after taking such food sit in Bajrasan for 30 minutes then go to sleep in sitting bajrasan you can enjoy tv programme not those which may irritate your mind you will be fine for the same occasionally not for daily .

  • But the question is, how hypo can occur, with so much intake of carbs through mango and chocolate.

  • true

  • You seemed to have increased the medicine dose by yourself. It could be fatal. Doctors themselves struggle to adjust the diabetic medicine dosing to patients. We are just patients, we should understand this limitation and learn to live with the disease. In a diabetic little high blood sugar is allowed and but low sugar could be fatal.

    and dark chaco, you should avoid. You can have a mango or two in a season but not like a healthy mango liking person, one everyday

  • You must consult your doctor and should monitor your BG levels at 3 am for a day or two when it's convenient for you. There is a general tendency for BG levels to be at its lowest at 3 am referred to as Somagyu effect. Eating yellow fruits--jack fruit, mango, pineapple and the like-- at night is not recommended. Your LCHF should be subjected to a review by taking BG readings for a few days after dinner. This should be ensured to be in the safe range. Fasting sugar at 68 is, as you know, on the low side particularly since you're on insulin. Keeping these in view, consult your physician at the earliest. Approach to managing diabetes is to be based on a dynamic combination of food, activity and medication. One of the components needs correction in your case.

  • Somagyu effect -- diabetes.co.uk/blood-glucos...

    He is one of the earliest adopters of LCHF after being a diabetic for 27 years and reduced his drugs, insulin shots --


    Here are his other posts:


    He takes fat too despite being a heart patient from what i remember him telling.

  • I would say repeat the same diet, including mango and dark chocolate in same quantity and reduce insulin by 2 units to see if results are reproducible without hitting hypo.

  • It shows that you are either not diabetic or telling lie.

  • Here's one post of his:


    He is diabetic and diabetic for 27 + years.

  • Sir, I have been a diabetic for 28 years now. My glucometer will tell you whether I have been lying or not. Regards.

  • When you had been on continuous LCHF (HP?) diet first of all you may be out of Insulin!!!!.

    Please do not interpret in isolated cases. Kindly study our at least a week's time to derive some concrete solution.

    That evening you might as well be running hypo; despite having mango and Chocolates not able to increase BG; adding fuel to fire, you had taken LCHF and Insulin.

    Insulin is not pill for right to eat sugary items.

    Control of Diabetes is best measured how a person is coming out of Insulin.

  • 80 years ???? spend rest of years eating watever you want n enjoy after that wat u eat will not matter dont suffocate urself

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