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Does Aloe Vera help diabetes?

Research on this is not conclusive or categorical and there may be up to 5% risk of allergy, but I have heard well from people who have tried it. Though not recommended by them, Mayo Clinic has this on their web page: 'For diabetes, a dose of 5-15 milliliters of aloe juice twice daily has been taken by mouth. One capsule containing 300 milligrams of aloe extract has been taken by mouth twice daily for two months. One tablespoon of aloe has been taken by mouth twice daily for 42 days.'

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Some MLM Companies distributors are promoting Aloe Vera a lot to diabetic patients. There is no clinical tests which proves that Aloe Vera helps Diabetes patients in controlling directly. But there is no doubt that Aloe Vera is a very good product for maintaining good well being. I would suggest that you consume Baba Ramdev Patanjali Yogapeeth Aloe Vera it is of a very good quality and the rate is also reasonable compared to MLM companies products.



My personnel experience is that it brings down the sugar level.I am diabetic since 6 years I am taking aloeapathic medicine along with KARELA+JAMUN JUICE= Amla juice= aloe vera juice once in the morning in a glass water which I put Methi seed before noght. I am taking this juice early morning .My sugar level is Fating 94 and PPBS is 125.i do not follow any diet


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Aloe Vera belongs to Night Breathing Plants, namely it releases stored oxygen in the night. Most of its oxygen is available as oxygen radical; This oxygen radical is risky to have more. (Like Tulsi leaves, we are supposed to take very very less quantity if at all we decide to consume it) So whenever we consume Aloe Vera, it always recommended to take anti-oxidant with it. Anti-oxidant would be able to quench the oxygen radical.

Excess Aloe Vera might lead to auto-immune problems.

Kindly ask for mechanism when some-one is suggesting to take Aloe Vera to treat T2DM.


rsridhar220962: I was totally unaware of night oxygen releasing characteristic of both Aloe Vera & Basel.


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