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Should I avoid saturated fat?

Scientists have discovered that saturated fat does not cause heart disease while so-called ‘healthy’ polyunsaturated fats do not prevent cardiovascular problems.

In contrast with decades old nutritional advice, researchers at Cambridge University have found that giving up fatty meat, cream or butter is unlikely to improve health.

They are calling for guidelines to be changed to reflect a growing body of evidence suggesting there is no overall association between saturated fat consumption and heart disease.

Lead researcher Dr Rajiv Chowdhury, from Cambridge University, said: "These are interesting results that potentially stimulate new lines of scientific inquiry and encourage careful reappraisal of our current nutritional guidelines.

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Medfree good evening to you sir. Here are my bs results. On LCHF since 14 February 14. 16 march random 139. 20 march random 118. Today PBS after 2.5 hours 140. This ppbs I could never achieve with allopathy. I have reduced my medicine from TDS to bds one tablet of Glynase -MF . I have eliminated pio from my quota of medicines. Thanks indeed for your guidance sir. I feel very much obliged .


Thanks sir


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