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For vegetarians would doubling or tripling healthy fat intake make calorie targets easier?

I am inspired to put the above question because our active member Meetu 77 raised it at www.dlife. The background link (study data) is also available on google (Study: Doubling Saturated Fat in the Diet Does Not Increase ...


Nov 21, 2014 - COLUMBUS, Ohio – Doubling or even nearly tripling saturated fat in the diet does not drive up total levels of saturated fat in the blood, ...

Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood ...


Nov 22, 2014 - An anonymous reader writes: A new study by researchers at Ohio State University found that dramatically increasing the amount of saturated fat ...

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Thank you Cscon for the link.


If any members may have idea please share that

1 In U S A how much % peoples are diabetic

2 IN INDIa how muchveg and non veg belongs to diabeties

If fat is no harm for diabeties how much butter and Ghee and groundnot oils sunflower oils etc may be consumed by diabetic persons Thanks


__" IN INDIa how muchveg and non veg belongs to diabeties "__

I think there is no data available for your question.

In general fat is not harmful for anyone. The impact of fat will depend on individual metabolism and what type of fat the person is eating.

Groundnut oil will be ok if it is naturally produced. Sunflower oil is bad in any form.


Trans fats are BAD.

Saturated fat is not bad.


You are right.

That's why I included "type of fat".


Natraj: Presently there has just been a challenge to the thought that all saturated fats are as bad as poison. [A few years ago NYT published a big expose] Question to your first question is on the net. I am also looking for ideal mix of fats...do let me know if you find something. efar52@gmail.com


We cannot judge as saturated fat isbadforall and good for all.Because Iamnot idea about nonveg items

For south veg items some of people troubled by using brinjal snakegourd and Pumpkin and also slme of vegitables and also maida ragi some of members not usd . And for oils some of peoples wer allergyfor smell of coconut oil and sunflower oil and vanasapthi Dalda But they mayused freely the butter and Ghee.

Soany food either fat protein or carbthe person mustselected andadjust hisbody resistance. Further any product used it must be minimum quality Because EXCESS OF FOODISALSO POISION..

further my personnel opinion I am using all type of faty oils except Coconutoil or virgincoconut oil and alive oiland mustard oil.

Whatever I may sed any thingit issome limit quantity and quality is most important .

Further I am not crticsed and ejected any study or any blog mentioned article about health but as possible as iamstuding and if possible some test may be apply for myself



I do not much about other states Dalda is one kind of vanaspathi oilit maybe used some of the peoples in south India and also some of hotels for frying the bajji and sweets like kesaribath mysore pack andjamoon etc . But my family not used Palm oil is also saturated fat ? this also most of family but we are not used ( Do not think If our family is not used it is bad or good the decision for left who used .

yes it may be Coconut oil and olive oil may be good saturated oil ( Of course it is used for diabetics ) I do not much about it.

Can u please clarify there r two types of coconut oils one for external use it is avialble in all provisional stores . Another coconut oil it is prepared from Karnataka the South canara District and Keralstates here most of them used Coconut oil for frying and boiled for bajji pakoda and

also used for sweets preparatrion.

Further in thisgrou some one comment for Virgin coconut oil it was not avilable easily and it may be purchase from online shosit costs 300 Rs for 100 ml

Is it good prearing from soth canara district and kerala sats preparation Whatthebenefit and isit reduce the Blood sugar can uplease share this matter Thanks


All oils are bad


Burma: In the past decade there has been a definite reversal on previous negative perception of fats and oils.


Does all American eats, much carbs than fat,why theirs % as a diabetic has increased, i think it is reverse,it is the fat lobby which is behind this.


What basis usay that American using much carb. I think America and other foregn country more than 95 % of people maybe non vegitarian . they eat eggs and mutton chicken etc . All thes items are very very low carb How they became much Diabetic

Sorry i am notabout the different foods and meal pattern of foreign country Is anyfood increases the Blood sugar for them mostly they manot used rice wheat etc thanks


Can u please share your diet plan for full day breakfast cofee tea or milk lunch snacks and night dinner etc total consume full day ? whether u r veg or nonveg Whether u followed LCHF diet plan or not? Thanks


Currently in US and other developed countries they are entertaining the thought that blame on saturated fats is exaggerated and such a high reliance on carbs may be one of the culprits. However, they also are inclined to hypothesize that synthetic or genetically manipulated food may be adversely affecting health. The blame is perhaps shifting from fat and oil to carbs and non organic.


Yes Cscon, this and other similar errors in health related research makes us suspect everything American!


I don't fall in that category of people who suspect everything American :-)



Americans prematurely [without deeper or confirmatory re analysis] prescribe on basis of initial corollary findings. They assume causality. Alternatively expressed, they over celebrate too soon! The causality foundations are




[quote @cscon]

his curve fitting skills with the cumulative data points


Remember during our education, whenever we wanted to get away from practicals, we used to first draw the graph ( straight line or curved or whatever, depending on the expected results ) & then plot the points on or around the graph line & note down the co-ordinates as actual readings taken & submit it.

Is this, what I have quoted above ( your sentence ), referring to ?




Amazing, to what extent people can go.

At least in my & my friends case, it was not going to harm anyone, except ourselves.



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