Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE)


High carbohydrate intake was associated with higher risk of total mortality, whereas total fat and individual types of fat were related to lower total mortality. Total fat and types of fat were not associated with cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, or cardiovascular disease mortality, whereas saturated fat had an inverse association with stroke. Global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered in light of these findings.


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  • was this study on diabetic subjects or just general. In that case one should be careful to apply this to diabetics ,with known dyslipidemic status,and run a definite risk with high fat intake

  • We have been applying this to diabetics worry free. Medical reports improved. Biggest risk comes from LOW FAT nonsense.

    BTW, was GI study done on diabetics ever? :)

  • The whole dyslipidemia concept is under a cloud of suspicion

    It's more of a pharma push to sell pills

  • Yes. It's a SCAM. Blame the butter for damage done by bread.

  • I'm betting this still isn't enough to change the weight of evidence for most international 'health' organisations, because of the momentum from forty years of focussing on fat.

  • Money!

    Everyone is SOLD to the industry.

    Close to 2000 Indian diabetics that I know of are trashing the LOW FAT Nonsense and living with healthier reports. It was just ONE Indian like me who joined this forum in Jan 2013. Now it has progressed to a great army of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet. Great progress :)

  • it is not a suspicion but a fact that the lipid profile of untreated or poorly controlled diabetics has abnormally elevated lipid profile.

    go ahead and verify the lipid profile of those diabetics admitted in ICU units with heart attack or stroke and see how many of them will accept,high fat diet.

  • More that half of those admitted due to heart attack have normal or less than normal lipid levels. This is a well known fact.. and this is termed as Residual Risk...

    No one is able to explain as to why to get an attack if lipid levels are lower.

  • Agree. the residual risks include many other factors than lipid alone. the advise to diabetics with known coronary atherosclerosis to reduce oral fat intake is not to further compromise on the myocardium more as a preventive than curative value

  • This is the conventional knowledge... followed by all on the behest of American guidelines.

    And American guidelines are influenced by food and pharma industries

    There are path breaking alternative views which point out at actual causes of cvd which are buried in the books...

    Accord studies has 3 versions.... many are not aware... all only know the one interpreted by ADA which says that intensive lowering of blood sugar is harmful..

    But they fail to mention that this harm is due to the medications they use

    Now they say that out LDL should be below 30 .. as low as babies ..if so then even our hba1c should be as low as 4.5 or lesser as babies have it ... then our blood pressure should also be as low as a baby

    Why have only LDL as low as a baby & ignore other factors conveniently

    They say that out ghee is bad and canola oil is good

    Don't u see something fishy here...?

  • Prevent the myocardium damage by reducing the residual insulin in blood. More than LIPID profiles, diabetics should be insisting to check on Fasting and post meal insulin levels and start managing them.

    Oral CARBS are poisonous and not Oral FAT. So,we CUT down ORAL Carbs drastically and replace them with ORAL FAT. Then, follow up medical reports tells us that we are RIGHT. So thru drastic cut down of Oral CARBS and replacing with ORAL FAT we achieve:

    1. Lower fasting isulin

    2. Lower blood sugar readings

    3. Improved LIPID Profile. Many cases have dropped statins completely.

    4. Lower body Fat.

    5. Reduced frequency of Doctor visits and reduced frequency of getting medical checkups.

    6. Far lower (and many a times nill) dependence on medications for managing LIPIDS and Blood sugar.

    7. Great improvement in LFT. We know of even state 3 Fibrosis with 10.8kpa getting down to normal through diet change -- ie dumping the stupid HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET.

    Oral CARBS are BAD and not ORAL FAT.

  • No one is able to explain as to why to get an attack if lipid levels are lower.

    The explain by calling it a "PARADOX" They learned this art of fudging from Ancel Keys

  • it is not a suspicion but a fact that the lipid profile of untreated or poorly controlled diabetics has abnormally elevated lipid profile.

    Because they are on high carb diet

  • agree.the question is why overload the diabetic with more fat than what is natural,when there are better alternatives

  • Do you know what was the remedy in ancient times before the discovery of medicines for type 2 D....?

    It's called Banting diet

    This diet is also useful for weight loss .

    Now ketogenic diet is recommended by some top neurologist across the world and in India also for epilepsy

    When u over load with fats you also cut down carbs....

    You get down blood sugar rapidly...

    I am at a ketogenic range for the last 1.5 years... no medications... no hypo... slim figure . No central obesity... all blood parameters normal ... resolved fatty liver . ... what more do I want ...

    I am having the last laugh... saved money on costly dpp4 or sglt2 pills .. no Dr consultation for last 2 years

    Confidence .. on top of the world ... no more sleepy or lethargy feeling ...

  • There no overloading with fats. It is replacement of macronutrient.

  • Because they are on high carb diet...

    what type of better alternative??

    Going low carb is best alternative as on today...

  • Cut the CARBS and increase FAT.

    LIPIDS become normal. If you are seriously interested in this, look at live data posted by diabetics on

    Not just one or two, you will find many. Some even went of STATINS.

  • Because they are on high carb diet

    This means elevated insulin level...

  • Because of HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsense.

    We can show you as many reports as you want as to how LIPIDS improved after switching to LCHF diet.

    We don't get bothered by SCARE MONGERING. We are with our own mind and look at medical reports. All those who landed in ICU are product of LOW FAT nonsense.

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