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Does anatomic therapy really, really, .... works ?

Hi arvindk,

as you have mentioned, you are following the techniques thought in anatomic therapy.

Have you started eating rice, bread, bun,carbs, banana, .....high glycimic food ?, party food ?, festival food- sweets ? except white sugary food ?

Are your sugar levels under normal ( that is 80 mg/dl - 120 mg/dl), after eating all sweets( except white sugary food ) , by following food eating techniques thought in anatomic therapy

Are you under medication ?, if yes what is the medicine you are taking ?,

Have you stopped taking medicine ?

Does anatomic therapy really, really, really work for diabetes ?

Plz kindly answer these above doubts

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Yes, it is advisable to invest in a meter and find out for oneself which food suits them and which one spikes BS. Also which medicines reduces too much which controls within limits and which does not. Once a clarity is obtained frequency of checking can be reduced. Armed with data, discussing with Doctor also becomes meaningful. Objective would be to keep BS levels within limits.


Hi Dilip, did anatomic therapy really worked?


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