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i m diabitic since 2006 and B.P. also and taking glimadey 2mg and telista h 40 two tims daily but i want to get rid of sugar/bp both , kindl


kindly tell me how it can be done in ayurved or homeopathy.and pls describe from where it will be obtained and what will be doses to take and till how many months etc..

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Diabetes can cause many other ill conditions, including BP. Please have a look at the post at healthunlocked.com/diabetes... (MY POST 1: Diabetes cured) to see my experience with Diabetes.

Only homeopathic or Ayurveda medicines will not control your sugar. You should have vigorous diet and exercise regimen to start with.


can any body advised me , my sex power is too slow , i have sugar pp 220, i taken daily glinaze 5mg in morning.my age is now 52+

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