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Diabetes India
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what is diabetes?

they say that the diabetes is a silent killer.

they say it is dengerous. they say it is a curse. but my last 40 years in ayurvedic folk heeling says a different story.

my experience is : diabetes is not a curse or killer or demon it is an award if one becomes dibetec after the age of 50.

serprised ! or thought an insane statement.

do come in the shelter of ayurveda and naturopathy you will know that how dibetes can help you to servive with diabetes even better then the life before diagnosys of diabetes..we have very simple and adoptable changes in lifestyle with very cheap affordable and almost free medicines in folk medicine to cop with it.

it may please be noted that this post is not an advertisement as i never accept any monetory or other return for the advice and medicine.

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u can call me on 09405470055 bitween 10 to 18hrs.

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Plz help me also den

Im 26 yr female recently a mnth bck diagnosed with type2

My hba1c 6.8

Symptom was burning feet so doc told to check sugar

Im metformin 1000mg twice daily

but i heard it has many side effect on body

Im vry concerned abt pregnancy

Plz suggest me d best plz


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