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Can Acupuncture treatment control or retain Left-Eye affected by Diabetic disease?

I am a diabetic patient since 30 year. I started with tablets then insulin but I have stopped taking insulin since 16 mths and strictly controlling my sugar on food. My left Eye vision has started becoming wavy( i.e. while I'm driving the right side road edge is running wavy) as well as developed double vision symptoms. Please let know of a good Acupuncture specialist contact in Mumbai so that I may get myself examined.

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I think you should consult a speciality opthalmic hospital,There are latest advanced treatments like laser treatment for your problem.You can get acupuncture done but where is the guarantee?It may not cause any harm,though.


i agree with mr.Venkataramana ,consult the specialist immediately,as every one understands the value of eyes so why are u taking chance..


Thank-you Fellowmen,

what I am trying to reach is a professional approach and advise from a well known doctor who is conducting acupuncture treatments for all diseases, should anybody known about such a doctor then my curiosity will start heading for better treatment and protect my eye from loosing vision.

Hoping to find the right doctor for acupuncture touch of miracle.


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