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The Govt. seems to have banned Pioglitazone to advantage some manufacturers of costlier drugs like sitagliptin.

Myself and my doctor have been been quite distraught with this decision of the Govt. Due to heavy rains we could not go for daily walk and the FBS shot from well maintained 90-95 to 140-160.

Firtunately the ban has been lifted, however many patients and doctors have suffered in the interim

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Hi George. I am on long wheat for two weeks. (Breakfast & Dinner. Lunch normal and controlled)

The FBS is down from 125 range to 95 and thats good. But PPBS is still high at 180-200 range.

Do you have any more suggestions.



Hi sanjeev1957,

Thank you for the response/reporting. This is much gladder a news for me than for you. YOU ARE IN FACT ADDING CREDIBILITY TO MY WORDS. I feel your words will send a wave of hope among some other members of this community.

The fact that the discontinuation of routine walking exercise shot up FBS from 90-95 to 140-160 and your present PPBS is in 180-200 range indicate that your HbA1c will be somewhat high. Please tell HbA1c and details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a picture of your state for me to give you some specific advice.

As I know, PPBS indicates state of Pancreas function & FBS indicate function of Hepatic Insulin. Clear?


Thanks George. I will take your advice and write to you after a month.


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