Little adivce

Little adivce

My best advice to our friends who are suffering from diabets or heart problems , is not to think that you have these problems. Why we are ,right up from the begining fragil and our body is only an enveloppe covering the whole skeltons.

Do your daily physical exercie at least for 30 minutes ( any exercice) and we need this to maintain our inerside of motor (heart and lungs ) so forget about your personal problems it is nothing;

make up a daily routing programme on physical exercice. afterall our life is not so long.

Making friendships with others ( beyond our castes,relgions etc ) will please you all.

When you spend a happy day you will reduce all these problems.

make sure that you have not forgotten your 30 minutes physical exercie every day. it is very very important than your medicaments.(tabledsts or insuline )

Without taking insuline or tablets you can live better with your daily 30 minutes physical exercice.

Please remember that we need our daily physical exercice.

When it raines, of course , I can't adive you to go out but you can do some exercice at home just for 30 minutes.

Thank you

Palan kathir gaman


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4 Replies

  • what type of physical exercises,Sir?

    Please write in details.

  • Physical exercices are many and even a small movement of our body for 30 minutes is also an exercice. Well ,Daily walking, swimming, jogging, are very good and also riding bike is very good for heart. On should organise any type of sports according to their convenience. I do not like to advice on viloence sports like Tennis or even football

    Let us do exercices according to our age and strength..

    If we can find any backery who is ready to produce bread without sugar,with less salt it will be much better to replace all the present indian food for the morning breakfast.Wheat items are not so good for the diabetic people.

    Spinach,and turnip ( available in Ooty area) are very good vegetable for the health.

  • With regard to the bakery suggestion, I think people need to be aware that all starch is sugar to your body. What's important is the quality (choose low GI carbs) and controlling the amount.

  • Mr. Palan kathir gaman

    Please continue your valuable advice at least some % of sufferer will be definitely benefitted from you. please don't disapper from this forum.

    Thanks a lot

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