Diabetes India

Let us find ways to eradicate Diabetes a life style disorder causing disturbance in human body and slowly damaging organs if not taken care

This require monitoring the sugar level at definite interval in empty stomach and after food stomach conditions .

Primary level check on this require diet control and include exercise or energy consuming activities in effected persons daily routine.

At initial level this can be checked by using aruvedic or homeopathy treatment using their medicine or herbs combo available in market but at advance level this need Alopathy treatment which ensure check and maintenance of correct sugar level as long as one continue medicine life long .

Please enrich by informing your comments in the following manners

1 your experience for total eradication of diabetes and methods followed by you .

2 Experience on different medicine used at initial level of adiabatic.

3The check on sugar level at the time of taking medicine and after continuing one or two months existing levels of sugars .

4Name & cost of medicine ,duration of treatment by aruvedic or homeopathic medicine .

Trust May be by this way you will help majority of people of this forum who are at early & initial stage of diabetes surely they will be benefited.

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this is an collective effort by common man with out commercial or advertisement consideration in the mission to educate people suffering form diabetic.


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