Diabetes India

Oh! My Sweet Disease!

You made me regular to deal with you as my everyday activity otherwise known as irregular even in all my routines. My slothful ease doesn't work with you.

As soon as I get up, can't say when I get up, but when I do, The first thing is to grab my Accu-Chek and make a prick in my frail finger and have look at the tiny drop of sweet blood, the blood that I received from my mom and dad, and test to know how sweet I am. Take the novopen4 set the international units to the desired value, not to my desired value but to the desired value decided by by my sweet doctor, push the mix into my body, choosing an entry-spot around my umbilicus, not the same spot every day. The prick doesn't give any pain unless I prick at the muscles around the umbilicus at times. Next I pick up the odd-shaped pill from my pill-box and swallow it in haste.

This routine I do do regularly but there will be much ado to take three more pills after breakfast. many a time I forget to take the three pills after breakfast. But sure I will take them before the night routine. But the night routine is indeed a nightmare. One pill before food which I invariable forget and take after dinner along with the other three pills. In the night routine I have also to self inject, after food, 30 international elements of mono-element insulin Lantus. This ritual often overlooked due to invasion of television programmes at nights. But sure to finish the routine (?) before midnight in some days. But my sweet body doesn't mind all these irregularities as it shows only marginal increase in the Accu-Chek reading the next day. That is how my irregular routine during the past ten years make me go strong. Thank you my sweet body


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