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with diet control manage your sugar level and do not take any medicines

I am Diabetes since five years.Now I am not taking any medicines.My sugar PPBs is now 120 previously it was 260,Remedy is stop eating carbohydrates foods like chappati.bread,rice,potatoes,bananas,pizza,burgers,cold drinks,etc.Eat prootenious foods like chicken,mutton,eggs,dal,channnas,beans,etc. I am thankful to my wife as she is taking care of me.Eat plenty of green vegetables and salads.


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You have reduced saturated fats and cholestoral levels. So you are able to get those readings.

Apparently your pancreas was normal and due to very high lipid levels and saturated oils your sugar readings were high.


diet dance and drugs (medicine) will control diabetes


dance therapy to control diabetes/


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