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Auyurvedic medicine as supplimentary medicine help controling blood sugar


First of all, I am a Type-II Diabetic. For the last five years, I tried all alopathic treatments and diets, but my blood gulucose level remained very high. Recently, for the last 2 months, I started taking Ayurvedic medicine along with my alopathic medicines. The results were amazing resulting in controlled blood sugar and cutting my alopathic medicine to half. Has anybody tried any ayurvedic medicines?

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I too am in your foot-steps; the past 8 yrs I remained extremely careless; was irregular in taking medicines, also many times skipped taking tabs & pills. BUT somehow have woken up since past 2 months. I take Baba Ramdev's/Patanjali Ayurved Madhnashini tabs, 2 empty stomach in mornings and 2 before lunch. Also to reduce discharge of albumin/proteins from urine which is result of high BG levels, (now such discharge has been reduced substantially and result of poor functioning of kidneys) I take following: Gokshhuradi Guggul, Vrikkadoshharvati, and Chandraprabhavati. One tablet of each after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Combination of Ayurved medicines with allopathic does help; I personally opine and no side-effects. God bless us all with good health.



Is your Protein in urine cured now please suggest .

And what medicines did u took for it.


yes friend ayurveda has wonderful medicines for sugar. pity is we dont believe in our ancient systemof medicines.especially the vanga silazit with sandalwood wonder drug.


I am taking DB Tone Ayur, medicine with english medicine last 2 year and my glycosylated sugar is 6% i,e non diabetic level


will u pl. provide the name of Ayurvedic medicine and pharmacy, which you are taking


Dear Amit,

I am taking Madhu Sunya made in Kahdi Gramudhyog Ashram. I take one and half spoon full half an hour before breakfast and same before dinner alongwith my alophatic medicine.


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