I am diabetic, Recently I started using Accu-Chek Blood Glucometer. Is this a reliable unit. How much should be checkng error?

I find difficulty of getting marked difference in BS check results from different laboratories on the same day. So I started using Accu-Chek Blood Glucometer. What should be the difference n results using Accu-Chek as compared to analytical results.


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  • If you are also going to LAB fpor PPBS/FBS i would suggest following -- this is what i do.

    Go to lab let the lab guy draw blood sample.

    Then take out o\your meter and test (don't let thr lab guy see the readings).

    Compare your meter reading with lab readings.

    This way you will sure know how your meter is reading as compared to lab. Meters are pretty consistent. I have used and calibrated following meters:

    Accuchek Integra -- I started with this meter

    Accuchek Active -- I use this now

    One Touch Select Simple (Johnson & Johnson)

    I have found that J&J reads lower than Accuchek consistently and many times lower than lab.

    Accuchek meters have consistently read 15% higher for the levels that one considers safe. I have no idea on how they compare at higher levels because i have never hit beyond 140 for PPBS in LAB in last 21 months. Only during the first three months when i was learning about diabetes i never had any meter as no doctor advised home testing.

    Summarizing ... meters from accuchek are pretty consistent.

  • Acu check , I don't know.One touch indicates higher than lab results.

  • It is not important to check sugar again and again, it is important to maintain sugar in normal, and clear colestrol in ur blood vanes, so that blood can pass easily in ur body.

    I will suggest food suppliment naturamore, try this and get result within some days.

  • You can only maintain once you check otherwise it is like playing "Teenpatti" Blind :)

  • Accu chek active is one of the best and reliable glucometer brands worldwide. I have been using accu chek since 6 months and it has been giving me accurate reading.in India i bought it from buydirekt.com

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