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how to keep control the sugar level

hello friends i like to share my views for diabetes first time when i informed by my doctor that i got this prob. then he advise me to do not go for medicine cos of young age so he advise me for workout n some Indina home medicines i did all that around 10 year but i start morning walk n badminton ever day i play badminton . but now a day i started 1 tablet only in morning n play badminton every day so i advice to all u start any sport for keep your body fit god bless to all keep fin n be happy

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I underwent pre-diabetes training 18 months ago. Apart from eating predominantly natural, unprocessed food without additives, the most useful advice was to keep carbohydrate portions between 10 to 14 per day (a portion contains 10g of carbohydrate).


Eating low glycaemic foods helps too.

I've also looked at the DoH healthy eating guidelines, and found the evidence underpinning it wanting, to say the least. The above measures are beneficial to health, whereas the recommendation to restrict saturated fats seems to be based of flawed observational studies.


Ofcourse exercise can make lots of difference. What if, one is not young enough, have creaky joints, weak knees.. for such people it is not easy to walk long distance due to peripheral neuro problems. they rely heavily on diet, and light exercises.


Nice advise a tablet and exercise.


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