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One in Four Think Their Families Resent Them for Having Diabetes

Four out of every ten people with diabetes say their families don't fully support their efforts to manage their diabetes, one in four resent them for having diabetes, and three in 10 think their families blame them for getting diabetes, according to a new survey conducted by HealthEngage among its users in the United States.

The national survey, which included type 1 and 2 diabetics, was specifically designed to collect information about how people with diabetes perceive the sentiments and attitudes of their family towards them.

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Dear Sharatsnh! If the revelations made in the study happen to be true and if the study can be sustained by evidence(that is to posiible extent) then it can be called a sad commentary on the quality of knowledge and on the eliment of human feeling of the people concerned. As vividly mentioned by one nobleman of spirituality -no matter what kind of precautions one takes,one certainly becomes prone to one kind of disease or the other and at one point of time or the other.All concerned may have to understand that on many occassions men/women would fall sick not because of their neglect of health. It happens due to change of climate also and why even due to change of water and change of air itself. And now-the last but not the least-getting diabetes itself is trouble some affair. If our own relatives start giving further punch with lack of knowledge and sensitivity, then it becomes much more painful.According to my limited understanding most part of human misery becomes unbearable only when the affected person finds there is none to undestand his pain and show sympathy from the bottom of the mind.We all should strive to avoid giving this kind of pain to our fellow beings either knowingly or unknowingly. .


It is to be stated that families of diabetes have a responsibility in feeding a diabetes as the main cause of uncontrolled diabetes is food. There are family members who are not aware of foods that shall not be consumed by a diabetes and feed him with them, either due to innocence or due to ignorence or due to pround affection that the pateint should not be deprieved of tastier food. Thus not only a diabetes, but his family are also to be educated in managing diabetes' health.


good, its all depand upom family members who can give strength not to eat how much etc etc.this will ensure him good living together happily

regards panchsheel


May be true to a little extent. Because suddenly the food preparation for these persons becomes a challenging task for the spouses. But, there is no reason as to why the family

members should have a negative attitude towards these persons.


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