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Surely I must be diabetic but HbA1c says 41


Is there a table or chart which shows how many people are diabetic (type 2) by weight or BMI?

The background to my question is that I have a BMI of 39 which is very high and I respond well to diabetes meds (sitagliptin) when I have been given them in the past but my HbA1c (which has risen to 53 in the past) is now 41 and I am being told I am okay and need no more medication. I believe HbA1c can be misleading but my GP is not interested.

So I am keen to know how likely it is that I don't have diabetes (based on my BMI, mainly abdominal fat, male gender and 65 years age). If it is extremely unlikely then I will feel more able to challenge my GP's dismissal of my concern.

Where can I get to see such data?

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Not sure such a chart would be helpful. Statistics are ok for trends but we are all different. Your dr is duty bound to do nothing harmful to you. I'd be pleased to hear your news

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