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Type 11 diabetic


Hello all I have been type 11 for 8 years diet controlled with no problems, for the last 2 days my sugar levels have been between 10.2 to 12.6 they have always been between 4.6 to under 7.1 can anyone advise me please thanks. Annette

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May be some dietary indiscretion ? If not, please watch your blood sugar levels. If it remains high ,go for all the blood tests relevant for DM.,which includes apart from fbs ppbs HbA1c, liver function,kidney function and thyroid function tests.

angse in reply to patliputra

Thanks yes am going for blood tests Friday, thanks for reply. Annette

Concerned in reply to angse

Have you changed anything Annette?

The onlly thing I can say is I have severe anemia, which has affected my breathing, so at the moment cannot walk as far or fast as I used to, crawling really 12 steps then stop and try again that's the only thing. Annette !!

Your current sugar levels are definitely too high.See your doctor immediately for prompt management.Having anemia at the same time is another issue that needs prompt medical attention. Good luck Annette.

Yes have spoken to gp, and was told not to worry as when your not well, it will go up, and he said its not high enough to cause him concern, do check regularly, it seems to go up and down, see what happens, thank you for your advice tarsus. Annette


Go to the doctors- may need bit of extra help and put you on a tablet to help. Also it depends whether your diet has changed as well

Don't worry just yet. When I first discovered I had type 2 diabetes my readings were around 28!! Thankfully at that time I was unaware how dangerous it was. Now after 18 months and fantastic support from my diabetic team it's now averaging around the 5.5 mark

This is nothg much to worry.check ur blood sugar for 4times a day for 5 days.ie.before breakfast,before lunch,before dinner and before going to bed.If the reading is more than 6 before breakfast and more than 9 in the remaining time,consult ur doctor or if u r taking insulin,increase the dose slightly

Thanks all off you for advice, it seems to have normalized now, 5.5 I have been quite unwell for some months so maybe it was that. Annette

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