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diabetes type 2


\hi very sad to know sugar 15.9 last week on fasting with no medicine. what to eat, do I cook vegs in spice and tomatoes? or eat raw?

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It won't make that big a difference how they are eaten nadiasomani. You need to eat less legumes, grains, cereals, fruit, tubers and root vegetables. Replace them with some natural fat instead.

what name fats pls? meat butter or what?

Whatever you like provided it walked, flew, swam, or grew, etc. - not the man-made, refined oils (especially not partially-hydrogenated), and not too much polyunsaturated (especially not too much omega-6).

Please get in touch with your health provider or a diabetologist. A proper evaluation of your diabetes and general Heath is the basic. Try to learn some basics about diabetes and go for a proper management of diabetes.please don't be in a hurry to start medication. Start with diet management and some active physical work.

I do have a chart of what to eat like two slice brown bread, a little bowl of corn flakes and tea with little milk in mornings lunch a pc of chicken two chappatis a pc of fruid so I try but stomach demands more lol I am 5ft 9inch 89kgs

Please get a glucometer and prepare a list of food and quantity you took for your breakfast,then take blood sugar reading. Do likewise foe each meal.by this you will know which food item is raising bs high so avoid those items and go for foods which do not raise your bs beyond acceptable levels.

Please remember you and only you can manage your diabetes.

Good luck.

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nadiasomani in reply to Hidden

well here goes my breakfast choices. what to eat for breakfast then?

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nadiasomani in reply to Hidden

pls lchf diet guidance? what to eat?

Try more physical exercise and as people on the sight recommend less carbs, I am 64yrs and 6ft 2in my hba1c was 6 last time round.

dtwpages11 in reply to zookeeper

Learning the lchf way of life, having extreme pain in different parts of body at different times. It is now in my upper back, shoulders, and spine. Have tried, muscle massage with Bio-freeze, tens unit pulsations, ibuprophen, tylenol #4, heat massage unit, but the pain is continuing this morning. Any suggestions? Oh yes, I do water aerobics twice weekly. Thank you. Diane

I was in hospital having fractured my ankle badly, I went to theatre on two occasions where they on one occasion they tried to manipulate the bones and on the second occasion the pinned and plated the bones. I had to fast each time and yet my blood sugar was high. You may say it reflected what I had to eat the night before but it stayed up when checked the following day. Whilst in hospital I had a diabetic diet and had my blood sugar checked four times a day, the wars staff were not worried by the raised blood sugar as they said this was a regular occurrence .im now home inactive due to having a non weight bearing plaster and my blood sugar has returned to normal. I eat a well balanced diet with fruit in between I miss eating grapes ( only allowed 6) and Mellon ( only allowed a small slice ) , I cannt just eat a small portion of these fruits so I just avoid and eat apple banana and pears it works for me. My personal is you can get too fixated by numbers just eat a healthy diet.

zookeeper in reply to alybill

My sugar are always high in the morning the reason is your liver will compensate your body after long periods without Eating ie night time this may be your problem. It can throw out any blood sugar readings.usually to your detriment.

15.9 FBS is high. Consult your dietician and go for physical exercises to burn part of your sugar. Greens are always recommended but your body needs also a balanced diet.

I have been leaving with diabetes type 2, for a couple of years, but it has been hectic healthwise. I just survive on insulin, sexy problems, a lot of complications like itching in different parts of the body, numbness in the legs and fingers. It is hell to say the least.

Find more remedies please.

dtwpages11 in reply to Abisala

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have had extreme itching for over one year now and many times awaken to practically having clawed my skin. Found this as a remedy for the itching. Take a warm shower and pour the original Listerine mouthwash from head to toe all over my body. This helps especially after wakening up at night, to stop the itching. Diane

Hi, I was told not to check my sugar levels as I am taking metformin and type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar levels will be checked in the clinic every 3 months. I don't understand how they expect us to have control without testing?

I found the responses to your message very informative.

Hope you are OK, take care Sue x

hi, to live with 15.9 sugar in the blood you intent to cause other organ to not work properly my suggestion, take a medicine to lower sugar level then think about controlling by diet

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