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Medication consumption.

Hi, am 41 am a diabetic. Start with medication on 2014.

On 17th October, 2017 my sugar level is 19 . Now am taking

2 x 500mg metformin in the morning & evenning.

2 x 5mg Glibenclamide in the morning & evening.

Half 5mg Enalapril daily

1x 100mg Asprin

Quarter 50mg Atenolol

1 x 10mg Isosorbide Dinitrate morning & evening.

After the 17th October, 2017 clinic now been advised to take 2 Dionil medine in the morning.

Please could advise me if am taking the right amount of medication.

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Did you consider start LCHF diet? It is indeed very effective at controlling blood glucose. My husband started with this diet last year and his blood glucose ilowered immediately. Now it is mostly at normal level WITHOUT any medicines.


Thank you for your advise, am not familiar with that diet.

Please could brief me more with information.


Am new to this, please could advise more on that diet.


You can find a lott of information if you googled on:

Low Carb High Fat Diet - Diabetes.co.uk

During day I will give you more sites at which this diet is discussed. Good luck!!!


Most of. god information s are free. Just google on specific questions.


How many carbs he took per day?


One of the best sites for LCHF is dietdoctor.com. The information you need is free.

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You need to speak to your doctor regarding your meds, we aren't medically qualified to advise you. Also you should never put your personal contact details on an open forum as you could end up getting lots of spam emails or worse! lowering your carbs will help. cheeck xperthealth.org.uk and diabetes.org.uk for education on diabetes.

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Thank you for the information


Are you a type 1 or Type 2 diabetic ? The advice will almost certainly be different depending on type.


Am Type 2


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